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The immediate lab environment is a small (5-8 people), interactive group, providing good accessibility to the PI. This group works within a larger scientific environment of several labs whose shared interest is in signals that regulate development and disease. Our group draws upon the resources and collaborative strengths of both the Department of Developmental Biology at HSDM and the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School. Lab members may participate in an HMS-based Signal Transduction Data Meeting, and in specialized course opportunities (e.g. advanced microscopy training, scientific presentation training) available in the Department of Cell Biology. Regular one-on-one meetings with the PI allow for regular project planning and feedback. Current available projects can be found under the links at left; project ideas consistent with the lab’s general interests also are welcomed.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral fellows with suitable interest and expertise are needed for the following projects:

1. Investigation of the role of halofuginone in the regulation of inflammation and immunity. Halofuginone is a natural produce derived small molecule with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic activity in a variety of disease models. We have recently identified the molecular target of halofuginone  action, and are investigating the mechanisms by which exerts therapeutic benefits.  Projects to define the changes in cellular phenotype and gene expression that underly the therapeutic benefits of halofuginone in models of chronic inflammatory disease are available. 

2.  Signaling pathways mediating the cellular response to metabolic restriction. We have found that cellular sensing of amino acid availability selectively modulates cell behavior in vitro and in vivo, and that the signals that mediate these effects have implications for metabolic and inflammatory disease, as well as for pathological changes associated with aging. Projects to examine the molecular pathways that underly these signals are available

3. Project ideas consistent with the lab’s general interests are welcomed.

Graduate Rotations

Graduate rotation projects related to topic discussed in the Research sections are available. Contact Dr. Whitman to discuss a rotation.